Friday, 19 February 2016

GATE, IES and PSU's Coaching in Civil Engineering

North India's only institute for civil  Engineering Services preparation & PSU's.
Engineering Services Examination (ESE) comprise of engineers who work under the government of India and designated as Class – 1 officers. Public sectors that offers job after IES are Railways, Telecommunication, central water engineering, Defence service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, etc

We provide best faculty assistance into the field of civil engineering from IITs, IISC and team of IES & GATE Topper. In Eduzphere we exclusively provide coaching in IES for Civil Engineering only

A combined competitive examination is conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) for recruitment to the Engineering Services Examination. Paper Pattern for IES 2017 has been revised and in Eduzphere we provide you coaching according to new pattern.
ESE 2017 examination will be conducted in three stages:
  •   Preliminary
  •   Mains
  • Personality Test
  •   Pre exam will be conducted in Feb and mains in June /July
  • More weight age to conventional part- 600 marks earlier it was 400 marks
  •   Only technical objective will be conducted in prelim
  •   Technical objective will be of 300 marks in previous pattern it was of 400 marks
  •   History, geography, polity, life science are eliminated and replaced by Engineering Aptitude and Engineering subjects
  •   English is eliminated from General Study’s paper.

·         Students who qualify pre are eligible for mains and hence theory, conceptual knowledge and problem solving techniques are equally important. In Eduzphere we provide you classes for objective as well as subjective covering theory also.

·         Good writing skills, excellent presentation, subjective theory, explanations, derivations, diagrams and equations will fetch you good marks in conventional paper.

For IES examination Eduzphere offer different types of coaching like:
• Classroom Study course
• Classroom Test Series
• Postal Test Series
• Postal Study course
• Interview Guidance
• Online Test Series